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Kout Capital, an affiliate of Chance International Properties, is a Kuwait-based real estate advisory and management entity that provides specialized advice and assistance to clients in direct real estate investments, including investments in joint ventures, as well as high-targeted yielding real estate and development opportunities across the globe and the MENA region. Other services include general and bridge financing, family investment solutions, property asset management, due-diligence, and servicing. 
Kout Capital currently has client capital commitments of over $400 million allocated across the EMEA region. Kout Capital aims to source transactions that require the deployment of between $10- $30 million of equity capital, although larger transactions may be considered.  Kout Capital has a strategy of not seeking to financially engineer returns through high levels of financing within the capital structure, rather preferring to rely on the basic characteristics and property asset management opportunities of the underlying investment/property under consideration for acquisition.

Through its extensive network of specialized professionals in target geographies, Kout Capital continuously monitors global real estate markets across all sectors and seeks the most suitable investment targets. Its management team have established a track record of tremendous commitment in securing ideal value outcomes for various assets.


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